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A month ago, I was really angry. I don’t really like being angry and that just pisses me off more. Makes no sense. Sometimes there is no point. I think it might have been because I had to send my beloved furry companion to Neverland. This lowered my usual faith in unicorns who eat sunshine […]

some things are more important than art

some things are more important than art

Tonight is my last night with my furry best friend of 13 years. She was a runty, anti-social puppy hiding in the barn of my friend’s mother’s farm. She crawled out and sat on my feet. I left that night and came back 6 weeks later to take my puppy home.

Tomorrow, I will take my doggy home for the last time.

I can’t concentrate enough to write so I re-blogged a post from Byron Christopher about Dave Rutherford.


Not again! Please, read this all the way to the end and I strongly encourage you to share, repost, boycott CORUS and anyone who does business with them, and talk about this. Please, tell anyone who will listen. Silence is not golden in this case.

Byron Christopher

Award-winning broadcaster Dave Rutherford was fired from his job as mid-morning talk show host on 770 CHQR Radio [Calgary] and 630 CHED Radio [Edmonton] on Tuesday, 25th of June 2013.

The stations are owned by Toronto-based Corus Entertainment, part of the Shaw Communications media conglomerate. 

The veteran journalist was yanked off the air after he criticized his station’s lackluster coverage of the disastrous floods that have hit Southern Alberta. An international news story, the floods claimed a number of lives and sent tens of thousands fleeing from their homes. Damage is in the billions of dollars.

Turns out, Dave Rutherford was also a victim of that flood.

The “Official Website of the Rutherford Show” has now become a dreaded ‘404.’


Rutherford had a legitimate beef with his station’s coverage — or lack of it — of one of the biggest natural disasters to hit Alberta. Flood victims tuned in to CHQR in…

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On the Rocks

On the Rocks

This is an old photo of me standing on the Giant’s Causeway, a rock formation on the Northeast coast of northern ireland. There is a groovy story that goes with this formation. The science is that it is the result of a great big ass lava fart, forming a series of basalt columns.

I like this one better.

I have to tell you that Scotland has a matching formation on the Isle of Staffa that is part of the same big lava fart.

The legend is that the columns are the remains of a causeway built by the giant, Finn MacCool so that he could fight the Scottish giant Benandonner. If you are wondering they must be giants, then clickety click the link at the end so you can get a sense of how big this formation is.

So MacCool sets off and catches sight of Benandonner , but he runs back home when he realizes that the Scottish giant is far more giant than he is. MacCool’s wife, sharp cookie that she is, disguises him as a baby and tucks him into a cradle.

When Benandonner sees this giant baby, he figures the father of this child to be the giantest of giants and runs back to Scotland, ripping up the Causeway as he goes so that he can’t be followed. Those Scottish lads are hardcore. This bridge was not just burnt, it was so completely demolished that just the ends on either side were left.

Have you ever done that, so completely demolished a bridge that you can never go back? Or maybe you just let it fall into so much decay that it fell on its own. I’ve done both and the results were both good and bad. Maybe it was just time to build new bridges.

I am a bit melancholy, because I am sending my doggy to the Rainbow Bridge in a couple of days. It has been a hard decision and I am not looking forward to it. She has degenerative myelitis which is a progressive neurological illness. It started in a back leg which we thought was broken, and then the vet gave us the bad news that there was no fixing her. She would just progressively get worse. that was in March 2012 and now she can barely prop up her front to eat. This is not a good doggy life and it is time to chase rainbows.

I contacted my ex-boyfriend to let him know. He came to say his goodbyes and we caught up on about a year’s worth of news. His aunt died. His mom sent their doggy to chase rainbows. Maybe auntie Ann and Pepper will play with my doggy there. I hope so.

I should probably be more like a Buddhist and try to find the lesson here but it is a bit too painful right now. I am still trying to learn to be present in the moment even when it is so painful it feels like my face is being chewed off. This has not been a graceful process. I will keep trying, but I don’t think it will ever be graceful.

It’s a rocky path much like the Giant’s Causeway. I fell. I got up. I fell again. I sat for a while. I think the lesson is that there will be falling, getting up, and sitting out for a while. This is the journey.

I had a fabulous furry partner for 13 years of it. I am grateful for that.


I will blog about Folk Fest later.

Blah Blah Blog

Blah Blah Blog

I made 5 attempts at writing today, but I am tired from too much fun and I can’t seem to gather my thoughts into anything coherent. I had to devote some time to the boring stuff like yard work and house work, so I thought that might help me get focused… nothing.

I have to get focused to go back to work tomorrow and that seems to be taking my attention right now. I accomplished my goal of the drunk and fat holiday with a lot of help from my friends … epic win!

I think that part of becoming the artist I want to be is to fail and today was a pretty epic fail in terms of writing. Tomorrow is another day where I hope I can gather my poop into a coherent group.

Or at the very least, a reasonable facsimile thereof…

Happy Day!

Happy Day!

I have a lot to say and I will blog more tomorrow.
I was at the Edmonton Folk Festival with my friends and I am still having fun.
Rosanne Cash is AWESOME!

The Onion Girl Has No Blog Post Today

The Onion Girl Has No Blog Post Today

I wrote day 2 and day 3 overnight so I am taking a break. Here is a funny picture of a fat cat until tomorrow.