Starting a Blog

I started this blog as a cheating exercise from other stuff that I am writing. I sometimes need a little distance as well as inspiration. At some point, I should figure out how to post pictures and music, because they are important sources of inspiration and might be helpful to a reader to put some context to my pointless, stream of consciousness rambling.

Right now, I just have to write and purge.

By the way, it is just writing for no purpose other than to write and flex different parts of my imagination. Some of it is true. All of it is embellished, because hindsight is like the photoshop of the brain. It makes everything look prettier and makes it fit our artistic vision. I have never been one of those people that believes in fact and objective truth. Everything we experience is filtered through our perception and filtered again through our cognition when we try to communicate to someone else what we are experiencing. Then the person we are communicating with experiences what was shared through his or her own set of filters. It’s all embellished. We are the authors of our own stories.

I think of my brain as a vacuum cleaner. It sucks in all kinds of information, most of the time indiscriminately and it mixes up with all the other stuff in the bag. Seriously. I do try to exercise a certain level of critical thinking, but daily living requires a lot of information processing. Try to imagine driving and only paying attention to blue cars. Not really possible because driving entails having to pay attention to all kinds of stuff in order to stay alive. Especially if you live in Edmonton, where I am. That is a whole other post. Back to the vacuum. So there is a bunch of mixed up stuff in the vacuum that will eventually need to get emptied. When it comes out, everything is all mixed in together and nothing like all of the individual bits that got sucked in. 

I went to a mall today and I was assaulted by way too much photoshopped and altered imagery. Yes, assaulted is a strong word and I really mean it. For a fleeting moment, I was confused as to whether I was in an art gallery or stuck in an unending loop of pop up ads. It’s pretty and I appreciate the imagery, but at the same time I am offended because it violates my feminist ideals. Feminism…that will be a recurring theme in all of my posts. However, I digress. My point was that my vacuum got filled with driving junk and advertising junk. I did enjoy wandering around and looking at all the pretty and shiny stuff. Unfortunately, I did not buy a pair of pants which was the entire purpose of the mall mission.

So I came home and started a blog.

Purposeful…we shall see. 


About nonbinary meatsuit

I am absolutely brilliant at being boring. With enough caffeine and nicotine, I can conquer anything. And with a lot of help from my family and friends. I am humane and human. I am a human feminist.

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  1. Kristin Kat says :

    Meow 🙂

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