What’s in a Name?

Day 2 of blogging and I figured out that a better start might have been to explain why I chose the name The Onion Girl Has No Logo. The Photoshop of hindsight…

The Onion Girl part is from the name of a song performed by one of my favorite artists, Holly Cole. It is off the Dear Dark Heart album released in 1997. The song was written by Harding and Hull. It also appears on the Lilith Fair Album, Volume 3. Holly is a Canadian Jazz singer with an absolutely amazing voice and brilliantly diverse repertoire. Lilith Fair was a Canadian all female traveling music festival founded in 1997.

Yes, there is the recurring theme of Canadian female artists. What can I say other than we are an amazing bunch. Women are inherently creative beings. We grow human beings inside us. I am of the opinion that there is nothing more creative. Please, stifle the militant feminism thought that I am implying women are only worth their wombs. I most definitely am not! I am celebrating that we grow babies and we can choose not to. I think both the ability to create and the ability to choose are equally as important to the creative process. I celebrate them both.

The lyrics in Onion Girl resonate with me on a very visceral level. I think we all have layers that are exposed gradually over time and there’s a line about breaking bread and laughing. Eating and laughing with my friends are my favorite activities. I am blessed to be surrounded by a pretty amazing bunch of Onion Girls who will never cease to amaze me with their kindness, creativity, and caring. We eat, laugh, cry, and most importantly, enjoy each other’s company, because we know that there is nothing better in life than to find the people you enjoy eating, laughing, and crying with.

The Onion Girl is also a 2001 fantasy novel by Charles De Lint. Obviously not a female artist, but he is Canadian. I am not ridiculously patriotic. Canadian artists are just ridiculously talented. I digress, yet again. And yet, The Onion Girl is part of a trilogy: the 2006 sequel Widdershins and the 2007 prequel Promises to Keep. He is quoted as saying that “writing is like a peeling back of layers”.  My writing process is a lot like that.  I’m Canadian. I can relate.

So … that is the story of the first half of the name … The Onion Girl. It is a homage to Canadian artists I admire, a song that resonates with me, a writer of stories about how the same traumatic event can so differently affect people who have come up out of the same environment, and a festival that celebrated the creativity of female artists. But mostly, it is a tribute to my beloved bunch of Onion Girls whose unconditional love and support will never cease to inspire me to create.

click here to find out more about Holly Cole


click here to find out about Charles De Lint



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I am absolutely brilliant at being boring. With enough caffeine and nicotine, I can conquer anything. And with a lot of help from my family and friends. I am humane and human. I am a human feminist.

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