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I ran out of day 2 whilst blogging about the name The Onion Girl Has No Logo.

Day 3 of blogging will then be the rest of the explanation. I have no logo, because in general, I don’t really buy into the whole lifestyle branding thing. No Logo by Naomi Klein is also my favorite book. And there it is again! She is a female Canadian artist. She is my girl crush because she is a female Canadian writer, but mostly because she wrote a cultural manifesto railing against unfettered capitalism and then she wrote another called The Shock Doctrine railing against unfettered corporatism.   I swoon.  I’m a shameless girl geek.

I am also a fan of NO LOGO CLOTHING: irreverent clothing for the anti-establishment consumer. I can’t really explain how much the words irreverent and anti-establishment tickle me. I am going to try by telling my lifestyle branding story. It’s not really about a logo, but about a label. In my pointy little head they are the same.

I hope you click the link and go get excited about something.

I used to work for a non-governmental organization (NGO). This sort of work really appealed to me, because these organizations are more conducive to grass roots activism since they have different reporting requirements than governmental organizations. They are not as constrained by layers of bureaucratic bafflegab.

However, these organizations follow the same process as governmental organizations whereby they go through a rather arduous process of figuring out whether they should throw more meetings or money at a project. This process already entails a number of meetings, so I always wondered why we were meeting about whether or not we needed more meetings. I had to ask. I have found that stifling my internal monologue is very counterproductive, because I will eventually say what is spinning around in the vacuum cleaner that is my brain.

This particular meeting was to appoint someone to represent the organization at the series of community partnership meetings that were part of the process. Pointless probably, but required for the project funding. FUN!

Apparently, they wanted someone who wasn’t too WASP. I did not know what this was and everyone was looking at me, so I had to ask. I thought I had discreetly asked my friendly colleague next to me. She has a bent sense of humor which is why we are friendly. She explained that it meant White Anglo Saxon Protestant. I then asked if everyone was looking at me because I am not Protestant. She then stage-whispered that I was not white. I then noticed that everyone else at our discussion was.

I waved my non-white hands around and said,”That is true! I’m not!”

Everyone else turned sort of red, except me, because I am not white. And except for my friendly colleague, because she was sort of purple from laughing so hard. This was how I got to be the anonymously brown person that had to attend more meetings. This was also how I figured out that if I just volunteered for the glaringly obvious role, these insufferable meetings would end sooner.

So I suppose my lifestyle brand is the anonymously brown woman needed at meetings to show diversity. That’s a terrible logo. This is why I choose not to have one.


About nonbinary meatsuit

I am absolutely brilliant at being boring. With enough caffeine and nicotine, I can conquer anything. And with a lot of help from my family and friends. I am humane and human. I am a human feminist.

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