a month ago

A month ago, I was really angry. I don’t really like being angry and that just pisses me off more. Makes no sense. Sometimes there is no point. I think it might have been because I had to send my beloved furry companion to Neverland. This lowered my usual faith in unicorns who eat sunshine and poop rainbows.

Not so weird.

I have to believe in something so unbelievable so that I can keep my faith. Faith is a strange thing. We don’t really know that we have none until it is tested. Then we find out how bad it feels to not believe in anything or anyone. That is more than sad.

I think that having a little faith is more valuable than having a lot of knowledge.

Faith is internal and eternal.

Knowledge is external and temporal.

Think about it.999765_10151905480960070_2033135506_n


About nonbinary meatsuit

I am absolutely brilliant at being boring. With enough caffeine and nicotine, I can conquer anything. And with a lot of help from my family and friends. I am humane and human. I am a human feminist.

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