Not again! Please, read this all the way to the end and I strongly encourage you to share, repost, boycott CORUS and anyone who does business with them, and talk about this. Please, tell anyone who will listen. Silence is not golden in this case.

Byron Christopher

Award-winning broadcaster Dave Rutherford was fired from his job as mid-morning talk show host on 770 CHQR Radio [Calgary] and 630 CHED Radio [Edmonton] on Tuesday, 25th of June 2013.

The stations are owned by Toronto-based Corus Entertainment, part of the Shaw Communications media conglomerate. 

The veteran journalist was yanked off the air after he criticized his station’s lackluster coverage of the disastrous floods that have hit Southern Alberta. An international news story, the floods claimed a number of lives and sent tens of thousands fleeing from their homes. Damage is in the billions of dollars.

Turns out, Dave Rutherford was also a victim of that flood.

The “Official Website of the Rutherford Show” has now become a dreaded ‘404.’


Rutherford had a legitimate beef with his station’s coverage — or lack of it — of one of the biggest natural disasters to hit Alberta. Flood victims tuned in to CHQR in…

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One response to “Censored!”

  1. Jana says :

    Which goes to further prove, the media is for entertainment, not for information!

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